The Amazing Story of an ENLC Client Who Chose Life and Ended Up at the White House!

Being invited to the White House is no small matter, so when 22-year-old Nadya Boyer got word that she’d been invited to join President Trump in the Rose Garden, as he addressed the 2018 March for Life, she was beyond ecstatic. But why did this young woman receive such an honor? It all began with one very important choice she made a few years earlier.

Nadya Boyer, who’s smiling, is standing behind the President, holding a child. To find out why she’s not holding her son, Charlie, be sure to read until the end. The reason is sure to bring a smile to your face.

In the fall of 2015, when Nadya learned she was pregnant, she had a job, but little else. No health insurance and no friends to offer her words of encouragement. Nadya didn’t even have a safe place to live, as she was sharing a tiny, cramped house with five strangers. At her sister’s recommendation, Nadya booked a consultation with Elizabeth’s New Life Center (ENLC) at the Women’s Center in Lebanon. Greeted by the welcoming faces of ENLC’s staff, she learned from an ultrasound scan that her child was six weeks old.

Still, feeling insecure and somewhat afraid, Nadya scheduled a second appointment, not with ENLC, but with the largest abortion provider in the country, Planned Parenthood.

“I called Planned Parenthood to schedule my appointment because I said, ‘This is what I’m going to do.’ I know it’s wrong, I KNOW it’s wrong, but I’m just going to do it,” said Nadya.

While there, Nadya listened as the women around her told their stories. Many were just like her, with no resources and no support. Between conflicting thoughts and emotions, Nadya’s mind wandered back to ENLC. Sitting in that waiting room, Nadya knew ENLC could provide her and her baby with the assistance they needed, but she still had doubts. So, she scheduled a second appointment with Planned Parenthood. This time for an abortion. The morning of the procedure, Nadya didn’t get out of bed. Instead, she lay there, looking at the clock on her wall as the hours slowly ticked by. What happened? Nadya didn’t keep her appointment that day; she couldn’t. Instead, she made the choice to say “yes” to the life she was carrying, and at that very moment she uttered two words to the little blessing inside of her that would forever change her life: “Hi, Charlie.”

“I realized this was it. I could be a mom, and I will be a mom, and it’s okay,” added Nadya. After making her decision, Nadya picked up the phone one more time. She called ENLC’s Women’s Center-Lebanon to share her joyous news. Months later, with the constant support, prayers, and counsel of her ENLC team, Nadya gave birth to a healthy and handsome baby boy.

Nadya’s life has changed dramatically in the last two years. She made amends with Charlie’s father, and the two were married. She is currently pursuing her business degree and works as a legal assistant at a local law firm. Most recently, Nadya attended Heartbeat International’s powerful Babies Go to Congress event and shared her life-saving story with legislators.

Nadya and Charlie in baby stroller
Nadya and Charlie exploring Washington D.C. as part of the Babies Go to Congress event.

Little did she know then, but Nadya, along with three other young mothers who were there sharing their stories, would be invited to stand with the President as he addressed the 2018 March for Life via a live stream from the Rose Garden. Nadya, who is standing to the left of President, is holding one of the other mother’s twin daughters because Charlie – who became fast friends with nearly everyone at the White House, including this marine (and, yes, that is the President’s podium with the Presidential seal and all) was a little too rambunctious for live TV.

Charlie and Marine
Charlie high-fiving a marine at the White House (a.k.a. his new best friend)

While Nadya hopes Charlie will remember some of his visit to the White House when he’s older, she says she’ll treasure every moment and every memory in the years to come. When she considers where she was two years ago and where she is now, Nadya can’t help but recall the non-judgemental and encouraging words from the ENLC nurse who spoke with Nadya after her pregnancy was confirmed.

“She said ‘Listen, this is possible. You’re going to be a great mother…this life is going to be wonderful; it’s going to be beautiful, and you’re going to do this.’”

And, she did!